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BCL Teams of Four

The BCL Teams of Four Room allows teams of 4 to play head-to-head 8 board matches with fully automatic movement and scoring.

With 96 boards available in every daily deal, a member could play up to 12 x 8-board matches every 24 hours.

The Server guides you through each match, tells you what is happening, where you will sit and takes you there.

There is a yearly competition, press here for details.

There are one or two leagues a year, press here for details.

How does it work?

1) The Match sets of 2 tables are named as follows:

Table: 1A and Table: 1B are the set of Table 1 Match tables (8 boards teams of 4)

Table: 2A and Table: 2B are the set of Table 2 Match tables (8 boards teams of 4)

...and so on

2) To start a Match:

Simply start a Table, TWO tables will be created, with you seated in your chosen seat at the 'A' table

One team sits at the table Table: 1A and the other team sits at Table: 1B

An Example:

As soon as all the 8 players of both teams have joined their table:

  • North and South are requested to press "Ready"
  • The server reminds you that you are committed to play 8 boards
  • The server announces to each one where he/she will be sitting each round as they come
  • The server swiftly take players to their allocated seats
  • The server swiftly take players to their allocated seats

3) The Match is over:

The server will announce: "Last board played - This teams table is now finished"

The tables are removed from the room when emptied.

The results system will pick up the 2 tables Table: 1A & Table: 1B and give the teams results which can be found in the results section called "Teams of Four".