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Nick Justice, Managing Director & Co Founder NickJ (UK)

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Nick is an experienced Electronics Engineer, originally from the Aerospace industry where he was Chief Engineer at Hawker Siddeley Dynamics in England in the 70's. He is a trained pilot and amateur jazz musician amongst other interests, usually related to food! He comes from a bridge playing family though rarely has time to play! The Company was co-founded with the late Peter Oakley, of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Phil Allen,  Software Manager PhilAllen

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Philis a key member who took over the software design soon after the company was operational. He is a bridgeplayer, mathematician and database programmer - and also does all our WEB based Bridge results design. Phil is responsible for all client and server developments and you will find him on line very late at night.   He also plays a mean guitar.....

Joke Allen, Member Support Joke *NL*

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Joke is our Member support manager who lives in Holland. She is a true bridge addict - and admits it and loves communicating with all our members on and off the screen!

Malcolm Burch , Tournament Manager Malcolm

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Malcolm joined the Team in 2017 and takes responsibility for all day to day tournaments, schedules and results. A full program is provided and will be updated as required, following on the original developments made by Tony Philpott who retired in 2016.

Barrie Partridge, Chief Tournament Director Senior Kibitzer

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Barrie provides general advice on Laws and Regulations and deals with all the day-to-day requests for rulings. Barrie is one of about twenty eight EBU TDs, so directs at National events as well as being CTD for Sheffield Bridge Club. He is also the main architect for both our PPI scheme and the EBU National Grading Scheme.

Ed Scerri, Senior Ethics Consultant Whoopsie

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Ed is a top rated player in the club, and has won several National events in the UK. Any serious ethics issue is passed to him as our internal consultant for review.

Celia Jeal, Head Teacher Dulciana

Celia Jeal

Celia has been Teaching for years on BCL and now heads up all teachers who might use the Coaching and Teaching Rooms. A Physics teacher by profession, Celia qualified as an EBU Bridge teacher in 2000 and as a Director soon after. She has successfully taught several hundred people to play and enjoy bridge. Celia is also a Church Organist and works as a volunteer at her local hospital. Other interests include singing, reading, cryptic crosswords, gardening and her two lovely granddaughters

Therese de Werra, secretary to the MD Terra (CH)

Therese de Werra

Therese lives in Switzerland. She has been a member of BCL for many years and with over 200,000 boards played she knows the inner workings of the club. She supports the administration of our Teaching, Ethics and F2F Club activities