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BCL Ratings Simple Overview

Card symbols in a BCL member profile indicate their standard.

PPI over 55% (16% of our members)

PPI from 51% to 55% (25% of our members)

PPI from 46% to 51% (33% of our members)

PPI below 46% (26% of our members)

Past Performance Indicator (PPI)

The PPI is the estimated percentage score that a player would expect to average.

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose for having a scheme is to help players find compatible partners.

More Details

When you play in a rated room, your PPI changes based on the actual and expected score.

Newcomers are assigned an initial PPI of 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which rooms are rated?

The rated rooms are Daily MPS, Improvers Tourney, OPEN Individual, SUN Individual and Swiss Pairs League.

Why are some PPI symbols shaded?

These symbols indicate that the member has played less than 50 boards in a rated room during the last 3 calendar months.

Why do some members have no symbol?

Symbols show after a member has played 50 rated boards.

Members can choose (in their profile) to hide the symbols when they are in the Social or Coaching Corner Rooms.

Where can I read more about the PPI scheme?

To find out more than this simple overview of ratings covers:

Look under Information -> Bridge -> Ratings on our website for other webpages about the PPI scheme.